Serta Mattress

The Serta mattress uses gel technology to provide a comfortably and luxurious experience.  With a deluxe covering that protects the mattress and also provides super comfort, the three layers in this Serta mattress go a step further to ensure that additional customization is provided.  The mattress adjusts itself to suit the body of the person using it. 

Using infused beads that, perfect support is generated.  It is not too soft or too hard and this makes the product very appealing.  It has dimensions of 60” (W) x 80” (L) x 10” (D).  Initial firmness gives way to comfortable support as the body settles into the mattress and the memory foaming action takes over.

Product Highlights

  • Gel memory foam with included cover
  • Unique comfort and temperature control
  • Premium base foam for added support


  • Gel Technology – The Serta Gel foam mattress uses gel beads that are infused to the mattress.  This creates a comfortable surface that conforms to the shape of the body
  • Deluxe Cover – Get the feeling of luxury with a deluxe covering that accompanies this mattress
  • Three Layer Mattress – With 3 layers, the Serta 10” mattress is able to provide levels of support that contribute to the overall comfort of the user.  Also, a 1.5” of memory form based on gel technology adds the icing to the cake in terms of comfort.  The other layers include a textured base that is also 1.5” deep.  Then the base is 7” deep
  • Comfort – Comfort is what this mattress does deliver and the beads within the mattress help to achieve this
  • Temperature Control – With superior open-cell technology, this mattress is able to provide a cool night’s sleep that is sure to please.  The free flow of air through the mattress layers is used to ensure that the temperature of the Serta mattress does not rise unnecessarily
  • USA Manufacture – Manufactured in the USA, the Serta mattress uses US-based manufacturing processes
  • Spot Cleaning – The mattress permits spot cleaning which can help maintain the mattress
  • Pressure Points Yielding – The mattress is able to provide superb firmness.  There is no sinking into the mattress unnecessarily.  It provides firm support to the body while still being able to give in to reduce pressure points
  • Body Conformation – The mattress is able to conform to the shape of the body and depending on body types, this may be desired
  • Good Construction – The Serta 10” mattress has a good design and is constructed to provide comfort.  It can be heavier than traditional mattresses and should be moved to the location when it will stay when it arrives


Enjoy comfort with the Serta 10” mattress that uses gel-type memory foam layering to maintain support.  It includes a luxury cover and 3 layers of superior mattress support.  The layers are the 1.5” gel layer, a 1.5” texture layer and a 7” base layer that provides added support.
Weighing 88 pounds, the Serta mattress provides premium memory capabilities and creates a balance of support that helps the body rest properly.  The air flow process helps to keep the mattress at a comfortable level which enhances comfort and balance of the body while on the mattress.