Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress remembers body positions and adjusts itself to the body.  The polyurethane-based mattress has density that creates its ability to bounce back in a significant form.  It is a responsive mattress and it reacts quickly to body forms, interpreting the heat that the body emits and forming a partial depression where it makes contact with the body.

When the pressure provided by the body is removed, the memory foam mattress remembers its previous state and returns to the previous form.  This happens effortlessly and repeatedly.  There is no permanent depression or sagging with this mattress.  It has a fast system for recovery and jumps right back into its original form. read more

Latex Mattress

The latex mattress is a product that forms around your body shape.  Hence, it is able to adapt each person’s body and provides the support necessary for every part of the body.  It is a unique mattress that gets people hooked and not willing to try any other type of mattress.

It is also comfortable which may not be readily apparent when thing about latex products.  Perfect for all kinds of people, this is an ideal product when seeking a mattress that can conform to body contours.

Product Highlights read more

Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattress is one of the most common types of mattress.  This is probably because these mattresses existed before many other types of other mattresses that exist today.  These mattresses have a coil or many coils inside the enclosure of the mattress.  These coils provide the bouncy motion that most innerspring mattresses have.

Apart from being relatively affordable, the innerspring mattress can also be somewhat durable.  However, more modern mattress types tend to surpass the longevity of the typical innerspring mattress.  Nevertheless, the innerspring mattress still accounts for over 70% of mattresses that are purchased. read more

Air Mattress

Air mattress uses air to acquire a firm pressure and surface upon which a person can rest.  There are different kinds of air mattresses such as those with pillows that are built into the material.  Hence, as the air mattress is inflated, the pillow shapes are also inflated.  This design may not be favored by every person.  There are also air mattresses that come with an air pump that may or may not be built into the mattress.

Some air mattresses have special cushioned surfaces that provide an extra layering of comfort for the user.  This can also be protective material that prevents sharp objects on the surface of the bed from penetrating the mattress.  Various air mattress configurations provide many options for buyers.   These beds are also easy to use.  Simple set up and low maintenance makes this type of mattress a popular choice. read more