LUCID Mattress

LUCID Mattress, an 81-pound mattress by LinenSpa, provides plush, viscoelastic and memory foam performance that also has anti-microbial capabilities.  It is resistant to many bugs that can penetrate mattresses including dust mites, mold and bacteria.  Allergens are also effectively handled by the LUCID memory foam mattress. 

The mattress provides a dense polyurethane base that provides support.  With a mix of layers, the LinenSpa product is able to cradle the body in a firm but supportive manner.  Using modern technology to maintain appropriate air flow and temperature, this mattress provides good comfort and can be easily maintained especially through the bamboo zip-off cover that provides a breathable component.

Product Highlights

  • Anti-Microbial and anti-allergen
  • Freedom from dust mites and other bugs
  • Layered memory foam and polyurethane base
  • Firm but doughy feel and consistency
  • Open-cell technology and temperature control


  • Layered Memory Foam – The LUCID memory foam mattress is a layered product that provides 12 inches thickness in addition to a 2-inch and 4-pound foam layer that provides comfort.  Also, there is a 2-inch and 3-pound foam center in the middle of the mattress that remembers the position it has been placed in.  Finally, to add to the achievement of superb comfort, the mattress has a high-density polyurethane base that is 8” high
  • Washable Cover – The anti-microbial or dust mite protection cover with its bamboo zip-off is easily washable
  • Firm and Comfortable – Get great comfort from a mattress that is able to combine softness with the right amount of firmness required by your body.  LUCID mattress by LinenSpa will provide a good balance of pressure and counter-pressure to ensure you are comfortable
  • Open-Cell Technology – This mattress uses open-cell technology that enhances the flow of air through the mattress and makes the experience of using the mattress more enjoyable and comfortable.  With this technology, air flows easily and the LinenSpa mattress will return to its original structure after use
  • Anti-Microbial – This mattress offers protection from allergens and the spread of bacteria.  Its anti-microbial action is a huge attraction for those who are prone to bacterial activities and allergens
  • Corrective Action – By using the LinenSpa mattress, problems caused by incorrect postures can be minimized because the memory foam will help provide proper alignment with your spine and other parts of the body


With a reasonable cost, the luxurious LUCID mattress by LinenSpa memory foam mattress is able to provide superb comfort in its multi-layered approach.  It has a thickness of 12 inches and features a top layer of simply plush memory foam.  It is a unique combination of soft and firm support based on individual use.  Customized support exactly for your body type is possible through this product.

Affordable and well-packed upon arrival, the LinenSpa memory foam mattress expands into its true shape easily.  Nevertheless, not using it for 48 hours is recommended and this helps to allow time for any odors to clear.  Also, upon arrival of the mattress, it is better not to open the mattress until it is ready to be placed in its resting position.  Due to the size of the mattress, once it expands, it can be difficult to move.