Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress remembers body positions and adjusts itself to the body.  The polyurethane-based mattress has density that creates its ability to bounce back in a significant form.  It is a responsive mattress and it reacts quickly to body forms, interpreting the heat that the body emits and forming a partial depression where it makes contact with the body.

When the pressure provided by the body is removed, the memory foam mattress remembers its previous state and returns to the previous form.  This happens effortlessly and repeatedly.  There is no permanent depression or sagging with this mattress.  It has a fast system for recovery and jumps right back into its original form.

Product Highlights

  • Remembers positions
  • Durable materials
  • Highly responsive


  • Memory – The memory foam remembers and this is a unique character for any mattress.  Being able to remember is the major selling point of this product
  • Durability – The mattress is made with durable materials which can provide many years of use
  • Spring Back Action – The ability of the memory foam mattress to spring back creates a bouncing sensation and every movement of the body appears to land on a fresh part of the mattress.  Hence, unlike traditional mattresses that can retain a depression due to continuous use, the memory foam mattress is able to spring back from any duration of use or activity on the mattress
  • Variety – There are many brands that feature the memory foam technology.  Hence, it is easy to find memory foam mattresses among many of the popular mattress brands including brands like the Sealy brand
  • Medical Use – This mattress is can be used in many medical settings because the body is supported effectively.  Hence, when firm mattresses are needed, the memory foam is ideal, especially where pressures are carefully managed at the same time.  There are also special seats and covers that are made from memory foam materials such as wheel-chair seats or helmet casings.  In some cases, therapy for patients may require the use of memory mattresses to alleviate pain, aches and other medical issues
  • Pressure Dispersion – There is balance of pressure that occurs and this is quite beneficial where adequate support is required but just sufficient enough not to do more harm
  • Product Line – Apart from mattresses, the memory foam technology can also be used to create other bedding accessories including pillows and mattress toppers.  These mattresses and other products help to make people more comfortable
  • Density – In most cases, the memory foam mattress is different from other mattresses because it is very dense.  The density of this mattress also helps it provide great comfort.  It has all the material required to ensure that there is no room for permanent depression.  The density of the material leave no room for sagging


The memory foam is a dense and comfortable mattress that can serve many functions.  For simple relaxation or for medical reasons, the memory foam mattress provides support that does not trail off after a period of use.  There are also therapeutic benefits that can be derived by using this mattress.  Apart from mattresses, memory foams can also be made into pillows, seat rests and covers.