Sealy Mattress

The Sealy mattress is one of the most popular mattress brands available.  This brand has existed since 1881 and has been making quality sleep products during this time.  These mattresses are known for comfort and for providing superior pressure relief at the right places.  Sealy uses advanced technology to ensure that every part of the body is taken care of.

It provides the required amount of counter-pressure and leaves the body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  Sealy mattresses are durable and provide additional support in the middle of the mattress, where such support is really needed.  Hence, with this brand of mattresses, there is no sagging or sinking that occurs.  There are also associated bedding accessories that can be purchased from this brand.

Product Highlights

  • Comfortable mattress
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Sealy brand experience


  • Brand Experience – With the Sealy mattress, you get the advantage of brand experience.  Sealy has been producing mattresses for many decades and has advanced its processes and designs to a state od superior quality
  • Comfort – It is not easy to replicate the quality that can be found in Sealy mattresses.  Comfort and easy use is a trademark of Sealy mattresses
  • Advisory Boards – Sealy partners with associations including organizations like Orthopedic Advisory boards which help design really comfortable and durable mattresses
  • Relieving Pressure – If your mattress is unable to provide relief when you use it, it probably means that pressure points are not being addressed correctly.  Sealy mattresses provide a rejuvenated experience because it specifically tackles the pressure spots that need relief
  • Support and Firmness – Get sufficient firmness from Sealy mattresses that are built to be supportive of any body weight.  As you place your body on the mattress, a counter-force is created that is just enough to gently lift the body back up.  Hence, Sealy mattress are less prone to sagging or creating a sinking feeling
  • Technology – Many decades of experience add up to advanced technologies that make these mattresses even better.  Year after year, Sealy advances in its technology and creates products that are more supportive, easy to use and durable too
  • Variety – With the Sealy brand, there is a variety of choices that can be made.  There are many Sealy mattress types which can be based on the kinds of technology or components that make up the mattress including memory foam mattresses, mattresses with integrated innerspring, latex and pocket coil mattresses.  With each type of Sealy mattress, there are different characteristics which you can benefit from
  • Extra Support – Sealy mattress provide you with additional support in the middle of the mattress.  This is can be found in the Sealy Posturepedic ProBack product


The Sealy mattress brand is popular because it provides comfort and support in all the right places.  Sealy mattresses include the Sealy Perennial, Boutique Elite, Inspiration Spring-free and many more types of mattresses.  There are also Sealy Posturepedic mattresses that provide extra support especially for those who have medical conditions.

The pocket coil technology that is used in many Posturepedic mattresses ensure that minimal movement is transferred across the mattress.  Sealy mattresses form around the body and create a partial envelop of comfort.