Simmons Mattress

The Simmons mattress brand has been making mattresses for over 135 years and is focused on manufacturing quality products that are durable and comfortable.  There are different kinds of Simmons mattresses including Beautyrest Black which is a luxurious item offering supreme comfort, Beautyrest TruEnergy which uses cutting edge technology and the ComforPedic from Beautyrest which is a type of memory foam and which also provides comfort consistently.

There is also the Beautyrest Classic which is relatively the most affordable and uses Pocket Coil technology and the Beautyrest Elite mattress that features motion separation.  These mattresses can provide firmness and comfort.  These mattresses are also relatively durable and have a simple style

Product Highlights

  • Good styling and designs
  • Uses cutting edge technology
  • Therapeutic uses


  • Firmness – Simmons mattresses can provide firmness.  However, there are different levels of firmness that a person many prefer.  Generally, the firm feel is consistent throughout the mattress and it can also be great for those with back troubles or those who require therapeutic assistance in the form of a supportive bed or firm mattress
  • Reduced Motion Transfer – Another feature that is popular with Simmons mattresses the reduction in movement transfer on the mattress.  The mattresses do not typically transfer weight or movement from one side of the mattress to another
  • Unique Coil Configuration – There is a unique coiling system used in Simmons mattresses.  While other brands of mattresses focus on linked coils, the Simmons mattresses are built with a different type of coil configuration such as the Pocketed Coil Spring technology that is more unique and effective.  This coil design also helps prevent the spread of motion across the mattress.
  • Motion Separation Index – A special rating system is associated with Simmons mattresses.  The Motion Separation Index (MSI) specifies the type of motion transfer that is associated with any of the mattresses.  Hence, this index can be quite effective in determining if the amount of movement transfer is suitable for a particular person
  • Outer Edge Support – The Simmons mattress provides outer edge support so that people sitting on the edge or sides of the mattress are well-balance.  This also helps the durability of the mattress.  However, this feature may not be available on all the mattresses from the brand.  Where available, it adds more support for sleeping surfaces or areas on the mattress
  • Single-Side Design – There is no need to flip or turn this mattress around.  The single-side design ensures that users can enjoy the mattress without needing to balance out the weight or use of the mattress by flipping to the other side of the mattress.  Some other brands of mattress require that flipping does occur to maintain the effectiveness of the mattress


Simmons mattresses are a comfortable product that uses superior coil technology to create a comfortable experience.  The mattresses have a simple but stylish design that provides great satisfaction to users.  There are different types of Simmons mattresses which provide comfort and are also durable.  Movement reduction on Simmons mattresses is a popular feature which minimizes disturbances or motion transfer.  It also allows weight on the mattress to be evenly distributed.