Sleep Innovations Mattress

The queen-sized 60” x 80” x 12” Sleep Innovations mattress is a memory form mattress with dust-mite resistance.  It also possesses natural anti-microbial action and is built to be resistant to fire.  The mattress may appear compressed upon arrival because it is packed tightly during shipping.  Hence, it requires at least 2 days before reverting back to its normal shape and size.

The Sleep Innovations Sure Temp foam mattress is available a reasonable price and is pleasing to many purchasers.  It provides firmness but is still able to mold to the shape of the body.  Rather than using a mattress that provide extreme softness and no support, the Sleep Innovations memory forma mattress is a great alternative.

Product Highlights

  • Dust-mite resistance
  • Natural anti-microbial
  • Fire retardation abilities
  • Dimensions: 60” x 80” x 12”


  • Dust-Mite Resistance – The Sleep Innovations Temp foam mattress does not get infested by dust mites or similar creatures.  Hence, you can sleep peacefully knowing that this mattress will keep bugs out
  • Anti-Microbial Action – The mattresses made with materials that are naturally anti-microbial, keeping you and your family safe.
  • Fire Retardation ­– Resistance to fires is a great feature to have.  This can also keep you safe in the event of fire situations which can easily become life-threatening.  The fire retardant barrier exists within the mattress and help to prevent fires from spread
  • USA Manufacturing – The Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress is made in the USA
  • Comfort – You get super comfort and the ability to truly relax in when you are on this mattress.  The memory foam mattress aligns itself to your body and generates a great experience while resting or sleeping.  With air flow technology, the mattress is able to provide comfort to its user
  • Base Foam – The base of the Sleep Innovations mattress is specially designed with premium foam to provide molding and support to all parts of the body.  Generate customized support by simply using the mattress
  • Therapeutic Support – The memory foam mattress is able to provide therapeutic support for the entire body and leaves the body feeling refreshed and revitalized.  It maintains a suitable temperature while being used
  • Reduced Pressure Points – You are able to get relief when using the mattress because the pressure points that contribute to stress are greatly reduced.  When using the Sleep Innovations mattress, the body is able to dictate the degree of depression that your body makes with the mattress and this helps to spread the pressure over the surface
  • Minimal Motion Transfer – On ordinary mattresses, it is easy to transfer motion from one part of the mattress to another.  However, with the memory foam mattress, motion on one part of the mattress does not transfer to another part of the mattress
  • Patented Technology – The Sleep Innovations uses technology that has been patented.  Open-cell capabilities that create great air flow capabilities
  • Luxurious Overlay – You also get a luxurious overlay that covers the layers of the mattress.  The cover is elastic enough to recover after being stretched


Weighing 94 pounds, the Sleep innovations memory foam mattress provides a luxurious feel with its circular knitted cover.  Made in the USA, the Sleep Innovations mattress is also comparable to other higher priced mattresses that provide similar benefits.  The cotton cover should remain on the mattress and this is part of the condition of the warranty.  With mild contouring, this mattress is able to provide a great sleeping and resting experience.